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Founded by two brothers, the K U L T is filled with allegories. All of which point towards living a decent life, inspiring those around you, and rebelling when necessary...but most of all: caring for your tribe, your K U L T.

The name of our company itself, refers to the midnight hour, in which the most meta-physical, spiritual, and outlandish things can take place. It's also a time when you can find yourself, you can find what those around you are about. Most importantly, this can also be a time of close bonding with like-minded individuals.


Our main logo, known as the 'Zero-Sum Heart' (or the heart with the slashed zero), is also an allegory. The Zero-Sum (the slashed  represents a mathematical equation that has no answer, or an irrational answer. The symbol also doubles as an answer being void. Placed within a heart, the entire 'Zero-Sum Heart' symbol represents both the irrationality of the heart, and emotion when pursuing a goal; as well as the emptiness of emotion that can take place when being purely focused on said goal.

All of the designs we release will feature the 'Zero-Sum Heart' in some way. A majority of our designs are based heavily on the willingness of one to pursue one's passions, despite the cost to the heart.

Have hesitation against that which will harm you, but find the fortitude to pursue that which you know to be true.

Zero Sum Heart ACTUAL.PNG


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